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Hi, Nanashi:

1) Appreciate your efforts. However, I am afraid that you are still looking at the EzIP from the vantage point of your IPv6 knowledge, What you really need to do is pretend that you only know RFC791 and walked into the "never land" of 240/4 address block that was "Reserved for Future use" for all these times. Can you see the EzIP scheme? In a sense, this is a real life "back to the future" case.

2) As I wrote in one of my comments, we are really not talking about "backwards compatibility", but making use of the "forward-thinking" of the RFC791 author. This is the art of system engineering that not only sorts out the current situations, but also lays out some ground work to cover the imaginary future, whatever it may be.

3) "I went to a lot of effort to explain to you why it's not different; now it's your turn.": Unfortunately, standing at my disadvantage point, I have not gotten a clue of your explanation at all. Allow me to explain:

"the draft really does describe a system that is largely the same as IPv6 with 6to4.": As I professed that I know barely enough about networking to figure out EzIP. IPv6 is way above my head. The four time address length already threw me into the dungeon, let alone the new header format and beyond. that is, anything touches IPv6 is different from IPv4 for me, unless you can describe it. So, I am hopeless to understand your explanations packed with IPv6 terminologies. I am very honest about this. Please see my LInkedIn profile below to see where I came from:

4) So, I can't accept your challenge to understand what you have been talking about even if I tried very hard. On the other hand, one of my favorite professors told me that "if you can not explain what you think you know to a random person from the street, you do not really understand your subject yet.". I strive to follow this teaching throughout my life on everything I do. On the other hand, I am not shy to admit that I don't know or can't do something. So, allow me to reverse the challenge to you, since you know both IPv6 and IPv4. Do not just throw terminologies at me, but verbalize them in descriptions and use graphics if needed. To do this more efficiently and without burdening other colleagues on this forum, let's do this offline. You can reach me through the author's eMail address in the EzIP Draft.

5) For example, I hinted about the parallelism between PSTN and Internet at some point. You can find a graphic presentation of the overall system architectures with description in page 12 of the following whitepaper:

Thanks in advance for you kind patience.

Abe (2018-08-30 16:16)

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