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Simple Alternatives?

Ok, so you are at the point that you need to officially hire people to pick-up people poop (a true shovel ready job).

You could have:

* Deployed well positioned port-a-potties

* Deployed the newly conceived French pee boxes

* Offered waste-bags (environmentally friendly type for SanFran ) to pick-up after one's self or your best friend.

* Enforced "littering" laws

* Built a number of public restrooms (public parks, public buildings, why not public porcelain?)

* Given credits to businesses that allow public access to their restrooms.

* Offered a 5 cent deposit for the homeless to recycle their droppings.

It's understandable for people with shovels and cans to follow the parade horses or circus animals, but there is something very uncompassionate about conceding that the streets and walkways are an inevitable repository for human excrement.

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