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Skipped Cisco Live two years and will next

Cisco has been holding Live! In Vegas lately. I have absolutely no interest in me, my colleagues or my customers being in Vegas for the event.

The town is too loud. It’s very tacky. It is precisely the place civilized people would not want to be associated with. Let’s be honest, “what happens in Vegas...” guess what, this is not the kind of professional relationship I want to maintain with those who depend on me or I depend on.

Why would you want to hold a conference in Vegas?

1) Legalized prostitution

2) Legalized gambling

3) Free booze at the tables

4) Free or cheap buffets to gouge yourself at

5) Readily available narcotics of all sorts

6) Massive amounts of waste... not a little, the city must be one of the most disgustingly wasteful cities on earth.

7) Sequins... if that’s your thing.

Can you honestly say that you would want your serious customers to believe this is the type of behavior you associate with professionalism?

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