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VMWare needs to calm down about this stuff

IGEL is not really a competitor of VMware's, though it is one for Dell. IGEL decided to ride on VMWare's coattails a bit, by hosting their own event on the side of VMWare's expo. So VMWare got pissy and had the hotel do their dirty work for them and shut down the event.

Yes, it kind of sucks for VMWare that other tech companies are doing stuff like this, but you have to realize that this is a mark of how successful VMWare is. IGEL is running their event to capitalize on all the people that come to Vegas for VMWare's event. If there is a an event like this that happens at conference hotels, and that violates VMWare's agreements with those properties, then VMWare needs to handle that with the hotel, not with the other tech company and tech industry professionals that are at the competing event. Now VMWare comes across looking like the Gestapo, and Mandalay Bay and the restaurant look like their flunkies.

And all these IGEL VIP customers--how many of them do you think are also VMWare customers, who were in Vegas at least largely to see VMWare's offerings? What do you think their opinion is of VMWare now? I'd be kind of mortified and pissed off if I was a tech professional at mid-lunch/preso and a bunch of guys came in and cleared me out. Obviously, anyone with two or more working brain cells can figure out that it was VMWare who was behind the thuggery. Now, they are going to associate that behavior with VMWare, whose expo they also came to see.

And VMWare has to be smart enough to realize that if they have their own contracts/agreements/etc. in place when they plan their event, then anyone else who is putting on an event with the amount of preparation that IGEL obviously had in place would also have their own contracts in place to facilitate all that preparation. Now, VMWare may end up being a "deep pocket" in this lawsuit, for forcing/encouraging Mandalay Bay to violate the contracts that were in place with IGEL.

In short, bad move VMWare. You get to come across as looking insecure and tyrannical. And the people you do this in front of are a group of tech execs who are either your customers or are prospects that are interested enough in your offerings that they will spend their time and money to come all the way to Vegas to see your own show! And you potentially end up getting named in IGEL's lawsuit, for tortious interference in getting Mandalay Bay to break up IGEL's party. For the record, stuff like this doesn't make IGEL look bad. They obviously had a lot of professional signage, presentations and catering in place to attract and engage their audience. Instead, it makes VMWare look bad for breaking all that up in front of a group of current/potential customers! Idiotic would not be too strong a word to apply to VMWare's behavior in this situation.

Now, maybe VMWare had language in place with Mandalay Bay to prevent something like this from happening, and IGEL's event somehow slipped under the radar. If that is what happened, then VMWare needs to deal directly with Mandalay Bay on that and make sure it does not involve IGEL and voiding the contracts it has in place, plus embarrassing a bunch of tech professionals who are most likely VMWare's own customers/prospects! And if VMWare didn't have the appropriate contractual language in place, then the correct approach is to note that and change that in the future, and not immediately get all pissy that someone else is capitalizing on the concentration of tech professionals that VMWare's event is pulling together.

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