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A flatard?

No sceptic of the Apollo moon landings thinks the earth is flat, the flat earth movement is a NASA device to destroy discussions about the Apollo landings, nothing more.

The real problem sceptics have is the amazing time scales, the incredible luck of everything working, the immunity to radiation, the dud SaturnV being so great but dumped straight after, the dodgy photos without bracketing exposure, out of focus shots, the invisible stars, the bizarre LRV behaving like it was on earth and their inability to jump, the re-used backdrops and the weird early 'pool of light' photos.

Then there's NASA, 'losing' the telemetry tapes and failing to make simple uncut videos and films of Apollo launches and docking available on their website.

Then there are the astronauts, the Apollo 11 crew sullen and miserable at the press conference, resigning soon after and living in obscurity.

The naive are free to believe in these fantastical stories from NASA, but don't insult the majority who doesn't believe everything their government tells them, especially after the Iraq and Syria lies.

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