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A decade on, Apple and Google's 30% app store cut looks pretty cheesy


Bigger oixture

I’ll admit I’m pretty staggered at the blinkers in this thread.

As much as anything, that 30% pays for OS development.

I’m an Apple user. I’m very happy with the deal I have - buy a phone every couple of years, get free OS updates and security fixes, access to an App Store that “just works” in delivering me free and paid content, etc.

And I really like the fact that every software developer gets the same chance of me downloading their app from the same store.

As others have said, 30% is not huge in mark-up terms. There’s this obsession with the idea that the internet is cheap - it is not, but it is flexible.

Fortnite’s developers don’t like that their successful app should be so encumbered. Of course not - successful companies always like to “pull up the drawbridge” when they’ve made it.

The *next* successful app can just as easily come from a small startup under the current model. Which is yet another reason why I like it.

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