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A decade on, Apple and Google's 30% app store cut looks pretty cheesy

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"The whole point of the debate here is what do Google do that justifies a 30% cut?"

They are of the opinion that they do not need to, they do it because they can. Indeed that is not surprising given that they have about 85% of the moble os market. In the circumstances it is hardly amazing that the European competition authorities are beginning to look very closely at the situation. Bluntly put, as Andrew has pointed out, there is no app store competition because each of the two "biggies" have a closed market in practice. Yes, I know you can side-load on Android (and indeed I have) but in reality, for hoi poloi (due to lack of knowledge) Android is in practice almost as locked down as ios. The net result of all this is (as this article is pointing out) that to all practical intents and purposes, there is no competition worth the name. The devs are getting screwed and so are the punters.

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