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Re: say again, how are they dodging 30% apple tax?

"But never explains how fortnite dodges the Apple tax????

Probably because they're not. But that's not to say that they would not if the option was available - as you quite rightly point out Reaps, "Apple stops anything that attempts to do what apple does" - so unless you're willing to jump through the hoops of a jailbreak, there's no easy alternative to loading an app than via the app store.

However, this exact same level of lockdown makes it a lot harder for me to do something like creating a malware app, making it look suitably close to the official Fortnite branding, and floating it on the store. So security is not an excuse here, it's a fact. In fact, having made mobile games myself and seen how easy it is to put a fake app up on Play, I for one would feel more confident about side-loading an APK that I had downloaded from the official Fortnite site than hoping I'd found the right one in the store.

However, as the article points out, avoidance of the 30% "tax" is at least part of the reason behind the decision, as the CEO freely admits. And why not? It's just business - and like I said, I bet if the option were there on iOS, they would do the same.

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