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"it reveals just as much as what the complainant was wearing."

I was gonna comment on the descriptions of what the complainant was wearing. Why is that important? What does it reveal? Why are people so fussy about what other people wear? Oh wait, I can answer that last one, it's coz the fashion industry likes to make large profits. Clothes do not make the man, as a descendant of several generations of tailors and dressmakers I can tell you, man (or woman) makes the clothes.

I'm in the middle of three weeks of jury duty. Last week I turned up wearing no footwear, and despite the fact there was no mention anywhere of what to wear on your feet, I was turned away from performing my duty. Why is what I'm wearing on my feet important, when they only need my mind to perform my jury duty?

Anyone can wear a business suit and a fake Rolex watch, it means nothing. "Dressed in mismatched jacket and trousers" may just mean he is colour blind. "gold-coloured watch below his cuff-linked sleeve" means he begged, borrowed, stole, or actually owns a watch and cufflinks, that he decided to wear that day. Still doesn't say anything about the actual person wearing them. The worlds worst scum, and the worlds most saintly person, can both wear the same clothes. No one makes you sit a six week morals course when you buy clothes, they only care that you can pay for them.

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