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IPv4 Address Pool Has Been Expanded Significantly

The main reason that IPv6 has not been rolling out smoothly is because it ignored the first rule of engineering in upgrading a working product / system, i.e., the backward compatibility to IPv4. Had it done so, the transition would have been completed a long time ago without even being notices. Marketing type of persuasion has its limits, especially after nearly ten years if we do not count that IPv6 work actually started two decades ago. At the current pace of electronic products, it has been nearly half dozen of so life-cycles already!

Our background in telephony enabled us to approach this Internet challenge from the knowledge of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) that developed practices to expand the assignable telephone numbers through the PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) and lesser known the CENTREX (CENTRal office EXchange) technologies.

Instead of digging into the telephony details, we have submitted to IETF a proposal called EzIP (phonetic for Easy IPv4) about the solution from the networking perspectives:

Essentially, EzIP utilizes the very original IPv4 standard RFC791 and the long-reserved yet hardly-used 240/4 address block to expand each IPv4 public address by 255M (Million) fold. This is capable of serving an area with population up to about 39M which is larger than the largest city (Tokyo metro) and 75% of countries on earth. This capability not only enables governments, but also individuals to offer local sub-Internet services parallel to the current global version. There are other benefits such as mitigating largely the root cause to cyber security issues. These render IPv6 unnecessary.

Thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.

Abe (2018-08-28 20:15)

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