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Don't let Google dox me on Lumen Database, nameless man begs

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Having been on the end (or more specifically stuck in the middle) of ranting incoherence like this I recognise this pattern of stubborn paranoia.

At work we regularly have these complainants who are effectively regular customers. One weeks it's dog shit, next it's garden waste, then it'll be something else and each and every complaint is taken to the highest level possible i.e the the Prime Minister and and Queen are cc'd into dog shit complaints.

The chap may well have a valid point somewhere in his ramblings but he is incapable of putting this across in meaningful terms and also incapable or seeking the right help in dealing with his issues. He may well have some form of mental illness.

'Querulous complainant's is the term I have learned, in short - I complain therefore I am.

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