Reply to post: @David123 Not exactly.

It's a net neutrality whodunnit: Boffins devise way to detect who's throttling transit

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@David123 Not exactly.

Yes, you are correct that this isn't a Net Neutrality issue.

However your example isn't correct.

Net Neutrality deals with the peering agreement between two networks and their traffic.

A better example would be if the Fire Department's central command is on L3 and because of all of the real time high def videos that are being shared, news reports, weather, etc ... (meaning a lot of traffic) that is flowing one way to the fire stations that use Verizon, that Verizon throttles L3's traffic coming from the Fire Department's HQ. Or all of L3's traffic to Verizon.

Many people don't understand how the internet actually works, including politicians who are supposed to get the facts before they vote.

Note: I tried to give you a better example, I am sure that you can poke holes in it. But you get the idea.

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