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A good proportion of the homeless, it turns out, happen to have mental health issues and need proper care and support and not being turfed out onto the streets.

That's part of the tragedy. Another poster pointed out that it's a 'right' to refuse medication and/or treatment. AFAIK though, it's still possible to section someone in the US.. But I'm guessing there's also a shortage of psychiactric beds and funding to treat those people. But if people are made homeless, it's a fair bet they'll develop mental health issues due to that.

I still think building basic housing where people can get shelter and treatment would be the humane approach. Yes, it'd probably have to have rules against booze & drugs but they need not be too draconian, as long as the residents are trying to clean up.

I also agree with another poster that the 'charity' sector can be partly to blame.. I've heard that sometimes described as the 'lunch bunch', where organisers can have fun arranging charity dinners and events for each other.

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