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Same thing happened in the UK with brutalist towers designed as social utopias. Those, and US 'Projects' didn't work out as intended. But hopefully lessons were learned from those, and problems avoided. I doubt the solutions are easy, but if the problem's lack of affordable housing, then building some would seem an obvious place to start. But it's also where there needs to be a political will, because left to the free market, the incentive's to maximise property developer's profits.

Sometimes it seems to have worked, eg a lot of affordable housing was built during WW2 to support the war effort and house factory workers. There were challenges, eg Rolls Royce workers striking when promised housing wasn't delivered for it's shadow factories. That created a fair amount of 'blue collar' housing around the US and other parts of the world.. But with the collapse of manufacturing, it's own employment problems.

But it's a problem cities need to solve. So here we have crazy salaries & benefits packages, probably inflated due to cost of living. Same with other SF public/key sector workers. Cities face the challenge of being able to attract or retain those workers, but not let costs spiral out of control. Otherwise that just increases the problem of paying those salaries and pensions.. Something California has problems with.

It's also why I'm curious about policy levers like property tax. At the moment, there's a bit of a perverse incentive to have high property prices, if that translates into high property taxes. Same is probably true with the UK and our Council Tax system.

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