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So you ARREST them, FORCE them to leave town, and it'll stop.

Ah, police as social workers. So put officers on poop patrol. Maybe ticket them with FPNs (Fixed Pooping Notices) and fines.

So you arrest them. Then you tie up officers to take them to the nearest nick, book them in, charge them with something that probably doesn't result in a custodial sentence and let them go. Fining someone with no money's pretty pointless, although you may be able to jail them for non-payment of fines. There, the person would have a bed, food and toilet but jailing someone isn't cheap.

And AFAIK, you can't just run people out of town any more, especially when California's promising sanctuary cities (bring your own portaloos).

But that's politics. San Fransisco's got some interesting challenges with reconcilling it's social policies with basic economics. It's tech boom's lead to gentrification and unaffordable housing, so increasing homelessness. It's paying silly money for poop patrols because it's public sector pay's got out of control, hence the massive benefits cost on top of salaries. That's playing havoc with it's public finances and massively underfunded pension liabilities. It's also leading to an exodus of people leaving California due to it's high cost of living, which will further impact on it's revenue projections.

A more practical approach would be to build affordable housing, especially sheltered housing where homeless people can be treated for problems like drug or alchohol addiction so they can lead a less chaotic life and find their way back into society.

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