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I'm a US based IT consultant, and once did a stint based in Canada, flying in every Monday morning and out Thursday afternoon (in 2000, I couldn't imagine doing that post 9/11) But while I was paid through a Canadian bank, the company I was working for was a joint venture between that bank and a US based IT firm, so it wasn't technically the same thing as working directly outside the US. I did a stint with a US company once that flew me to Reading for a week for some work there, that's the closest I've come to consulting in the UK.

While I'm sure there are plenty of barriers I'm not aware of if I wanted to take a contract in the UK, the main reason I wouldn't is probably rates. I'm not sure if UK rates are as high as US rates, but they certainly aren't going to be higher. Since flying in every week isn't a practical option even from the east coast, it is going to disrupt your life more so any reasonable person is going to want higher pay to make it worth it. Why would the company want to pay me more and deal with all the extra hassle unless there was some VERY specialized knowledge at play - i.e. I could do something no one from the UK could.

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