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> The only thing keeping it from being even more damaging than it already is is the safe harbor exemption.

^ That.

The DMCA is, and always has been a consumer hostile clusterfuck of legislation. It's (ab)used again and again in order to shut down things that should be legitimate - particularly in areas where there is no safe harbour or similar defence - circumventing technical measures for example. As an example, there's currently a hard-won exception to the DMCA so that you can legally root your phone (but not your tablet).

That exemption's only good for 3 years, and then it'll have to be fought for again (and again, and again). In 2013(ish) the exemption that allowed you to unlock your phone to another carrier (without your original carrier's permission) expired.

The fact there's even a hint of them reviewing the DMCA, much less at rights holders behest, should worry you greatly, whether you're in the US or not. Like it or not, our industry tries to follow the Septics, and they're potentially about to get fucked over again.

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