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This is exactly where folks are missing the boat. You won't get many likes as few have studied the history of labor abuses in the world. If you live in the US, go ahead and try to immigrate into Canada, Japan, Australia & the various parts of the UK. You will run into protectionist legislation that far exceeds what the US requires for entry. Much hay is made about this without comparing to the laws of other countries.

The offshoring that is done is really just an exploitation in the home country that will eventually backfire. If you go back in time for US history, this smacks of the child labor abuses in the 1800s & 1900s. Large organizations profited on the backs of those workers while playing lip service to politicians and constituents. I worked at a large US company and left due to the domestic damage done by the offshoring and the abuse of those poor folks trying to make a sustainable living in foreign countries. Exploitation on both sides--US employees losing jobs, foreign employees not being paid fairly.

Push for immigration that makes sense for all. There is much hype on both sides about the more emotional issues and that's what generates the furor. A question for non-US countries--Why don't you allow American citizens the same immigration reciprocity & work permitting?

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