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Re: 'It's not clear whether he also has a FB account or whether he's a non-account'

Charles, that was kinda my point above, which collected some downvotes...maybe some SJWs feewings were hurt or something.

Point is - it's obvious where the power lies here. Any fines of any transnational never amount to even a day's cleared profits, as the Reg writers themselves often point out. Which shows who is in actual control, and the rest is theater.

These days, if you want to keep your data - which has value, like other stuff, you have to earn it by perhaps blocking the collection of it...even if you don't have a FB or Google or whoever account -

You might have to lift a finger or spend a little skull sweat, as you can count on the fact that those who are making money aren't going to figure out how to defeat themselves for you with "that one weird trick".

Sorry if I come across as too cynical. Being an old fart in this world,, and having touched matters of high finance, politics, and computer science, well, it'll get to ya if you keep your eyes open and "follow the money". Cui bono - except now you don't even have to buy it directly - you can be monetized without your own direct input. (taxes pay for it, the things you buy,...and so on)

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