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It's a net neutrality whodunnit: Boffins devise way to detect who's throttling transit

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News of Verizon throttling a California fire department's data suggest things have already changed in America

Can we please stop this misconception right now?

The Cali fire dept thing was a case of them going over the data allowance on their plan, and had nothing to do with Net Neutrality. It would have been a NN issue if Verizon had been, say, allowing them to access at full speed, but throttling their traffic to and other sites.

Now you can argue that either the fire dept didn’t pay for the right level of service, or that Verizon mis-sold their package, or Verizon lied about what “unlimited” data meant...but none of that is NN.

There are MANY reasons to loathe Verizon (and AT&T) but let’s not undermine the Net Neutrality fight by conflating it with unrelated dickish behavior.

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