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That's kinda what the Australian NBN, er NBN MTM, um nbn was supposed to be. At least until our Prime Minister Tony Abbot, er Malcolm Turnbull, um Scott Morrison, or whoever it is next month*, got their grubby fingers on it.

Yup. NBN started out as a good idea, ie a USO defining service and a subsidy model to help fund it. Then the lobbying got into full swing, politicians got involved and it was naturally nobbled by the usual suspects. So now it's a service that favors the incumbents and city dwellers, not rural areas.

But that's also one of my career regrets. I spent some time in Australia and loved it, and nearly ended up buying a 5-bed house less than an hour from Melbourne that came with a vineyard. All for less than I'd pay for a 2-bed flat here in the grey UK. Then of course property prices rocketed and I missed the chance. I did get to find out about Australia's challenges though. I make jewellry as a hobby and love opals. So bought some in Melbourne and the owner invited me to visit their mine in Coober Pedy. Which didn't look that far on the map, but would've been a 2,000 mile round trip. Which is also a long fibre run!

I guess you know you've been in the telecomms business when sight seeing or road trips end up also being 'how would I PoP this route?' exercises.

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