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Last flat had 100/40mb NBN (and at one point Netflix said it was off-lining files at 120mb/s during peak times whilst the flatmate streamed the footy = \ ) and new flat has 100/40mb NBN and again performs admirably even at peak times.

Prior to NBN the ADSL was total shite: couldn't get it in my first flat (I moved here five years back) as the exchange was over subscribed, next I got 1.5/0.5, that double to 3/1 a year later as I moved again and then got up to the heady heights of 6/1 before I moved to a wireless broadband box that had a capped speed 10mb/s down and 1mb/s up but worked at that regardless of where I lived (and had unlimited data).

All of these cost more than the $60/m I pay for NBN - all located in the surrounds of the populous city of Syndey (I've lived in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Pyrmont, Brighton-le-Sands, Ultimo and then three different flats in Surry Hills) where ADSL should've been at it's best.

So, there's lots of problems with the NBN rollout, Turnbulls attempts to kneecap it, but, that the actual product in my experience is a vast step forward on the Telstra monopoly of ADSL lines before it.

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