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"I learned a few weeks ago form someone involved in aircraft satellite comms that now in China the comms needs to be routed via their ground stations while in Chinese airspace."

ummm... how are they enforcing this? If it's a satcom, and the antennas and all the other hardware on the aircraft or in orbit, then the aircraft can transmit without anyone on the ground even knowing. People on the ground would be able to receive the signal but would have no idea which, if any, of the aircraft in the sat signal's footprint is the intended recipient, especially if the signal was encrypted. A LEO satcom would have a footprint big enough to cover all of China plus some adjacent countries (northern Vietnam, Japan, the Koreas, Mongolia, parts of Russia, Nepal, Bhutan, parts of India...) and a MEO would cover most of east Asia. A GEO would cover just less than half the planet...

Never mind enforcing. How would they _detect_ this?

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