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AND avoiding Microsoft's accursed ribbon

MS-Office on MacOS is not exactly stable, in my experience. I actually like the "dumb" tools that came with the MacOS (KeyNote, Pages, Numbers) because they are simple and not cluttered. Everyone and dog, though, uses MS-Word.

That's why Open Source has enterprise value.

In my experience, the lack of licensing and license management is what really crate enterprise value for FOSS. With FOSS people can build systems and even sell them without managing 30+ different licenses and run about 5+ generally retarded licence managers that must be massaged alle the time to be able to run whatever they manage the license for. Goons from FAST won't kick down the doors to the shop either.

OTOH - Vastly expensive, proprietary, infrastructure software (Oi VmWare, Oracle) has "Getting the BOFH installed on the board"-value. What they don't teach in Management School: To be part of the solution, one first has to become a key part of the problem!

Anyway - Sometimes only "proprietary" will really do the job, I would personally be really stressed designing things for manufacturing in some volume using KiCAD and Spice rather than using Altium Designer and ComSol.

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