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Straighten tool, really?

As long as GIMP doesn't support adjustment/filter layers - which will come only in 3.2 - it's very little useful for actual image processing. Many modern editing workflows are based on them.

And if it still recommends to work in sRGB ( is really a big no-no for any image taken in RAW format with a digital camera which is not a phone. Its roadmap ( still lists "Support for RGB working spaces other than sRGB " as a future feature, not yet assigned to a release (as real CMYK support), are they kidding? Even commercial monitors often now offer larger color spaces (especially 4K ones), and of course you need at least AdobeRGB to properly asses prints previews.

Same for script recording and playback.

But the priority looks to be to update the widgets library because it couldn't keep pace with its own one (GTK) - and this is anyway a big Linux UI issue, the lack of a standard GUI library with very good backward compatibility leads to issues like this.

I see many here compare it to very old versions of Paint Shop Pro - PSP 7 was released eighteen years ago, and unfortunately it looks where Gimp still is.

Good for basic editing needs if you can't afford anything better (and Adobe subscriptions don't help), but really, not an actual professional tool at all.

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