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"I get is you don't know enough how your hardware & software work and too lazy to change."

You're not going to judge, you're just saying I'm a lazy ignorant. Instead you just show how little people like you know about real work done on computers. Be careful, about accusing others of being lazy ignorant people, because you could just show it's only you. And too lazy to learn.

1) "Photo workflow" is not a single software. It's a combination of devices and software to create (and catalog) an image from capture to final output (screen or print). It's something you perfect with time, learning how each piece behaves, and tailor and fine tune it to your needs. It takes time, and a lot of learning.

2) The software I use - and its plug-ins - is available both on macOS and Windows, fully compatible. I can use one or the other, and the software is exactly the same and works exactly the same. So I don't lose anything. Especially with non-destructive editors - where changes are stored outside the image, and re-applied each time you open it.

Sure, you have to get used to a different OS, which is the easy part, but not to wholly different applications, which is the hard part, and may mean to lose the work you already did.

Updating software if and old version is no longer supported is obviously a non-issue. Unlike Linux fanatics, I have no problem in paying for good software.

3) OEM drivers: I use high-end (and expensive) imaging hardware, camera, color calibration, monitors, scanner, printers. Sorry, I don't use a phone to upload to Instagram.

Part of their functionalities is in the OEM driver/software they come with. Again, they come with Windows and macOS software, not Linux. Sure, there are some Linux replacement for them, whose quality is utterly unknown being third party products, and may not deliver the full functionalities I paid for. Still, I would need to re-calibrate and re-profile everything - which is time consuming and expensive -, hoping nothing is lost.

It took years to fine-tune everything, and with Windows/Mac you can get official support. If you use Linux, you're on your own, and I'm interested in making excellent images, not in spending time tweaking a computer. It's not like switching from Office to LibreOffice.

Believe me, I never liked Apple fully proprietary stack too much - that's why I'm using Windows. But if Windows becomes a full slurping operation trying to force its store/UWP applications, the only real alternative becomes macOS. That's why also I'll get an iPhone and not an Android.

I would use Linux if and only if it fully and natively supported my applications and hardware. Unluckily, it doesn't yet. I did try if it could be useful, and found it is not, too many compromises and lack of features, so it's not a real alternative.

Sure, big companies like Pixar can develop their own software and run it on big Linux boxes - just like they did using big Unix systems before - to cut costs down. It's not what single image professionals can do.

Unfortunately nothing will change in the near future as long as distro fragmentation and GPL issues (see the loathe for proprietary drivers...), combined with its little desktop market share, strongly slanted towards IT professionals, and the little will most Linux users have to pay for software, don't make it an appealing platform for proprietary imaging software. I really don't care if the software is open or close, free or commercial, as long as it does what I need. Right now, Linux software is not up to the task.

Another fun fact is that actually I use Linux as a software developer (no, it's not image processing...) - unlike you, I know fully what I'm talking about. Most people use hardware and software to achieve their goals, not to affirm a political stance, nor to worship an OS, nor just trying to spend nothing.

Maybe one day you'll grow up, and you'll learn and understand what grown up people do and how they use computers for, and Linux is not the answer to all needs.

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