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Some people manage to make profits from Open Source but you can still get it free despite a lot of work by Fat Cats and their friends.

If not, it may fork. I'm looking at SugerCRM vs SuiteCRM in the context, if it wasn't for every version update screwing over the theme setting (at least in my tests, but IU'm just experimenting).

That said, I am quite happy to pay for the project or where someone adds value. LibreOffice is a prime example in this, for some as yet unidentified reason they flat out refuse to use the mechanism in MacOS that makes it very easy to enter accented characters that are not on the keyboard (you hold down the key, and a little menu pops up where you can select the required accent - in LibreOffice you just get auto-repeat which is counter-intuitive for the platform and, frankly, f*cking useless). Enter NeoOffice which costs a tiny bit of money but does do it right (alongside some other MacOS specific tweaks), so the sheer saving in productivity from AND avoiding Microsoft's accursed ribbon AND avoiding the not-invented-here LibreOffice non-acceptance of a labour saving character entry method is well worth the peanuts that the NeoOffice guy charges. IMHO he could charge twice as much and I'd still pay it.

That's why Open Source has enterprise value. You can take balance budget versus convenience and risk, and as long as you also contribute to the eco system (allowing devs to work on FOSS projects, or helping the projects you use along with financial contributions) you are basically helping yourself by helping others.

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