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"PS: I can't use Linux because my photo workflow would be totally unsupported - it works and I have really no time to try to replace it and lose years of work and compatibility - so, please, don't tell me I should use Linux - I would if I could use the same applications I use now, and my hardware had OEM drivers."

I am not going to judge your decision to not go for linux because it's not an easy route, but none of your reasons make it reasonable to go for a Mac. The only conclusion I get is you don't know enough how your hardware & software work and too lazy to change.

First, there is no guarantee that a new Mac with newest macOS version would give you the same workflow and compatibility. Software might not work and plugin might not be compatible with new version is not an uncommon scene.

Also the hardware has OEM drivers reason doesn't make any sense. If you are somehow tied to your current OEM drivers (do you mean OEM devices? like a scanner?), you won't even get the option to change hardware or OS, so no Mac from there. Secondly, What photo workflow software are you using? Lightroom? Photoshop? Most up-to-date photo software are not tied to a specific hardware. Some are tied to OS like Windows and/or Mac only, but that's about it. So the OEM drivers should not be an excuse for you to be stuck with your current hardware or OS.

In addition, if you have "no time to try to replace it", then you would also have "no time" to change to a Mac. Unless you've worked with a Mac, the "workflow" is different and it takes "time to try".

tl;dr your excuses make no sense. You should have just said you are too lazy to change.

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