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Microsoft takes another whack at killing off Windows Phone 8.x

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Winphone user since v6.1, not a great user of 'apps' (probably why I'm still using one!) day-to-day phone is a Nokia 830 running WinMo10 with the standard list of stuff installed (Office, navigation with offline maps for EU & Africa etc.) plus Viber, Office Lens, Microsoft Authenticator, Run the Map {don't ask!} File explorer & Have I Been Pwned? installed. the annoying bits are quiet hours doesn't always work, unable to set different alert tones for different email accounts, camera occasionally crashes on launch - none of this was an issue with WinMo8.1 -, which my backup phone still runs...

Overall, for my usage case, I see no need to change either - they send & receive calls, text, email and Viber messages without any problems, which is all (apart from <20 technical photos a day uploaded to Onedrive and the occasional document loaded via Office Lens) I need it for. Yes, it's not cool, it's old tech, it's a WTF is that? comment opportunity for the hipsters, it's battered (screen intact though!) but it's mine, reliably carries out it's core tasks and I see no reason to change it for something that requires more effort to manage for daily use.

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