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I think most of the commentards here have never used a Win7/8/10 phone. Best UI by far, amazing battery life (after that 800 battery fix).. And probably overall, the best cameras. But hey ho, go back to your Android without security patches. Or slippery Apples with broken screens. Personally, I'd be happy with an IOS phone if they weren't so poorly designed, I need a phone that can flex not break designed NOT to slip out of your hand, with excellent camera and 3-4 days battery. unfortunately, I'm having to hope my 950 doesn't drop dead. Don't get me wrong WinPhone isn't/wasn't perfect. But it's got BookFace, Twatter, Email, Inernets.. The only thing I'd like is an 'Application' for is Paypal.

These days, you just can't get a phone with good battery life, good camera and designed in a way its not asking to be dropped on the floor. Sodding shiny edges. Give me a polycarb phone any day.

And for balance, OneDrive photo syncing on Win10 phone is f-ing slow! To the point of me still not choosing a replacement phone. because I've still yet to find a quality camera phone with wireless charging.

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