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Not Only Google - All Those Damn Cars With Sharks Fin Antennae

My employer has a laser test range way up in the highest mountains of western KonTum Province in VietNam, up alongside Laos. Many of these mountainous areas, with deep gullies, have sketchy cell service.

We installed several Rural Small Cells, similar to urban metrocells, which are robust and operate in remote outdoor locations. Their coverage range, typically 1-2 km, achieved through a combination of elevated antenna/mast and higher RF transmit power. They are solar powered, too.

They are connected to a fibre optic cable we hauled in and intended for our sole use.

On occasion we were unable to use our cell stations since some vehicle equipped with a "Call Home ET" transmitter was attempting to make connections.

Until the cellco changed our Class of Service, locking out these damn things, we used to glue aluminium caps on interfering vehicles.

I always wonder what car manufacturers do with these billions of data transmissions.

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