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NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Weapons Systems ... Not a Foe for Fights ...

..... whenever So Friendly Protective in Novel Flights

Does Mad Genius Tread and Thread the Halls of such Hotels for Las Vegas, or does it just Often Occasionally Visit Such as be Filthy Rich Desert Cities Countenancing Cloning of Future Citadels?

That would make Nevada an AIKlondike Destination and Virtual Port for Universal Command with Remote Control Leverage in an Advanced Autonomous Anonymous Direction ....... with Future Current Presentations Generating Powerful Machinery for Immaculately Sourced Energies to Exercise and Export. ...... Show and Share. ..... and Dare Win Win All Ways, Always ...... which you will have to imagine immensely to believe is easily possible, for such is Certainly Classifiable as COSMIC Almighty, given All of the Nothing that IT can't do for you and/or to you.

Other would also agree it be possibly quite psychotic and psychopathic too. Tread the boards carefully there, for that is a'marching downhill into the wild side of life and that is deep treasure and darker secret territory hosting escapades and posting surprising successes there.

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