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The timing is perfect

Literally just had to bring up a server that was refusing to come back up.

Long story short, new servers being built. To facilitate the new servers we power down a QNAP NAS temporarily, plug it back into the correct UPS and power it back up. At this point I'll explain that the job of doing this is actually that of the IT contractor who has come in to build the server.

So the QNAP is powered down, plugged back into the correct UPS and all is happy. Until about 10 minutes later when the file server starts becoming non-responsive. Decision made to reboot the file server, but it won't boot back up (it's a VM). Turns out it's complaining about a missing virtual drive.

We disable the virtual drive, boot up the server and check to see which drive appears to have failed. At which point I notice that the drive that's actually stored on the QNAP is the missing one. And the IT contractor suddenly remembers he forgot to turn it back on. QNAP turned back on, missing drive added back to the VM and all back up and running.

In case anyone thinks it looks like things are now back to normal, we then find out that the new server can't be built because a vendor who's name rhymes with Hell has installed the wrong HD controller card and the nice shiny hard drives can't be configured in RAID. So project delayed by another couple of days.

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