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Mandatory Room inspections??? - How to turn a Hotel into a Hospital...

News of hotels forcing inspections because you have a Do-Not-Disturb sign is sad to see. Its another sign that the T's have won. They've made us all afraid. When I stay in hotels, I always put the sign on the door. Why???

1. Typically you don't want to be disturbed, especially if you're with your SO. You can get towels / supplies at reception or from staff in the corridor...

2. Security: When you're on the road sometimes you're forced to take whatever you can find, and some hotels you can't trust. Especially the safe, if the room even has one. They're always bypass-able for hotel staff, which breaks down trust. If only the manager has access maybe, but typically they don't want those types of call-outs, just the congratulations!

3. Hotels are noisy. Often you're woken up at 4am by idiots leaving for the airport holding a conference call outside your door. That breaks your sleep patterns, and means you need to sleep-in longer. But if you happen to be in the corner where the room cleaners start, they want in way too early!

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