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Graphics card prices are definitely coming down a bit, but you might not be able to tell if you just want to buy an affordable GPU.

Also, beware ebay, it looks like there's still plenty of people trying to sell graphics cards for the inflated prices they were going for six months ago, even though you can buy them cheaper brand new. eg Scan have a GTX 1080 Ti for £630, but most of the 'new' cards on ebay are in the £700+ range and even the used ones are only just cheaper than brand new.

Especially fun is this person selling their mining rig and they want £6500 for eight cards. That's about £800 per card, ie about 30% more than buying brand new. (you do get a motherboard and two PSUs I suppose, but that's still way over the odds). Good luck shifting them for that price mate! :)

tl/dr new GPU prices are coming down a bit, second-hand prices are staying high

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