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Even when you are given the option to do updates on shutdown, it doesn't actually seem to do what it says!

I had one of the big updates recently, at the end of the day I went to shutdown down, and was given the options of applying patches as it shutdown, or on next start up (no option to delay, or not apply!).

I pick to apply during shutdown, then walked away, thinking it would actually apply the patches during shutdown, and so expected switching on the next day should be a normal boot up.

Nope. Next day, booted up, to be greeted by a progress bar at load time, no skip option. Usual 'Don't power off your PC' comment. This took a good 40 minutes or more before I finally got to a Desktop!

If you state 'Apply patches during Shutdown', then bloody apply them during shutdown! It's not like Windows update can't trigger restarts if it does need to apply something at boot up, then just shut down again.

The most you should see during boot up, is perhaps a notification just to let you know what was applied, not 40 more minutes of patching! Especially when you need to use the machine!

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