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Your Twitter app stopped working? Here's why

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"Incredibly, app developers and Twitter have known about the situation for months but largely failed to let their users know"

Interesting, I have known this is coming for a long time, and the only place I would have found out is from the Dev. Twitter themselves on the other hand......

The Johnson mail is either the finest example of disingenuous corporate doublespeak I've read for a time Either that or he's completely out of his depth - and I'd argue that believing in the former implies the latter.

It also admits repeatedly (in corporate doublespeak) that they fucked up - the realisation of which appears to be dated the same as the end of the APIs - and yet there's no reprieve, while he goes and has a think what to do. Another indication that the message is just BS issued because he feels something needs to be said.

There's completely another way to get money from twitter users. Charge them a (reasonable) access fee on a per-user basis charged via the 3rd party client. I am absolutely sure that can be a lot more £/month than Twitter can make from advertising and whoring their user's data, and the users that don't want to pay can continue to use the official client - a route that FB et al have absolutely no access to. Perfect.

But it seems mindless head-in-the-sand corporate doublespeak is now in charge at Twitter, so that's unlikely.

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