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IPv4 Address Pool Expanded

Our study now indicates that there is practically no more shortage of IPv4 address, let alone going through the trouble to deploy IPv6.

Since EzIP can multiply each public IPv4 address by 256M (Million) fold to support a sub-Internet without affecting current equipment, this enables over 75% of nations to serve their respective countries starting from just one IPv4 address that is already assigned to that nation from a RIR (Regional Internet Registry). This is in addition to the current Internet services.

Essentially, the CIR (Country-based Internet Registry) model administrating IPv6 addresses proposed by ITU-T a few years ago can now be stealthily implemented under IPv4, even without forming the sixth RIR at all.

With two styles of Internet operation disciplines and conventions operating simultaneously in parallel, consumers will truly have two options to choose from.

Thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.

Abe (2018-08-18 22:52)

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