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"You'd think that after all these years, the EU would have standardised on the UK wall plug/socket combo by now." is arguably better, with much better finger protection and still able to be handled by arthritic hands.

The reason for the UK plug being fused is rooted back in the dim dark post WW2 days of copper shortages, aluminium cabling, ring mains and submains protecting far too many sockets (it wasn't uncommon for entire houses to be "protected" by one fuse on the mains board. In that environment you _need_ fused plugs to prevent house fires.

The reality is that they add a point of unreliability and allow cowboy electrical workers to get away with wiring jobs that simply wouldn't be allowed in other parts of europe (where there are generally strict limits on the number of sockets allowed per spur along with the size of the cabling feeding them.)

Electrical plugs are one of those things which have ultranationalists up in arms about - whilst those living in countries where the standards are fluid just wish the world would standardise on one common connector and be done with it (the reasons for 50/60hz make for interesting reading too - Edison vs Westinghouse of course.

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