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seems right. nearly two decades ago the Oz arm of one of the 3 major TLA outsoucerers was told to sack, sack by merkin HQ. Local managers argued that they were successful in sales and had more work than they could handle, so they needed to recruit. Merkin PHBs replied that the stock market needed to see sackings to make stock rise, even if it lost profit.

Conclusion: Stock market is run by fools. (who knew). Rich fools.

Big companies are mostly run by cowards who lack knowledge of their own industry. Logical given many of them are sales weasels, thus good candidates for socialised psychopath assessment.

And yes, water is wet. Now if only the *corpserations (sic) did not fund the politicians.

* Corpserartion. Corporate version of zombie. Absorbs intelligence while shambling to destructive decay.

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