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You forgot:

In Europe, the half-hearted attempt at safety shutters on Schuko/french sockets relies upon the pins pushing sloping shutters out of the way, a motion which is only made possible by the presence of some kind of lubricant. When said lubricant has melted/vanished/gone sticky or when the track/pivot on which the shutters are laughingly described as moving is no longer in perfect condition, the only way to get the pins into the socket remaining is wiggle, twist and apply extreme force, e.g. with a large hammer. Said tool of course further damages the shutters and does bad things to the cable, and the whole process may lead to bruising of the head against nearby brick walls.

Add to this the disaster known as "switched socket, what's that?" and you have to unplug / plug in the stupid things far more than you would in the UK.

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