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And how about half a billion users ? Do you think it is that easy to put up a service and get that many users for a pittance ?

Well it isn't. Which is why developers are hitching a ride on a service that has them and is pretending to be open.

Well the pretend is over now, and Twitter is ham-fisting its way into money, or at least trying.

So the real question appears to be : when are people going to finally understand that anything that is "free" will only be so until it has become indispensible to a great many millions, then the penny will drop and charges will start.

Twitter has finally reached the tipping point where it visibly believes it can start reaping the benefits of its many users. We'll see if that is true, or if Twitter croaks and disappears into the Pond Of Irrelevance, where many others have already gone to drown and be forgotten.

Facebook is different, because it has succeeded in monetizing its users, whereas Twitter has obviously failed to do so. On the other hand, there's not much you can get out of 140 characters of drivel, so it's not surprising (yes, I know that it is more now, but in volume that was what Twitter could work with for a long time).

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