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They are making a big push on prices, especially on contract with handset.

Regarding service. Recently moved from VM to Vodafone. Got the PAC code from VM no problem. Entered it on a Vodafone website and got a text back saying it will be done by 5pm the following day. 5pm came and went and of course it didn't happen.

Called them up and said there was a problem with the transfer request via Website but its manually entered and it will be done by 5pm the following day. That didn't happen. Called them against on Friday evening, got told that PAC team don't do weekends and nothing could be done untill Monday. Called Monday and told it would be done by Midnight. That didn't happened, called again on Tuesday and was told 5pm again. This time they managed to do something, outbound calls were back to my old number but inbound calls didn't work to either old or temporary number, just went to voice message. More calls, and finally at lunchtime Wednesday inbound calls started working on my old number.

So a week to do a number transfer but the real annoying thing, every single time I called they sent a text survey. Not just a single text but a couple texts each time.

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