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When's a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn't

Adam 1 Silver badge

Maybe it would help to understand if you substitute USA where you see Australia and, geez, pick any law, but let's go with DMCA, or EU and GDPR.

Our collective Muppets-in-charge can not get their head around the limits of their legislative powers.

You can ignore this unless:

(a) you planning to visit our fine shores; or

(b) you starting up a local company presence; or

(c) Some trade agreement where your own country has agreed to limit you in this area; or

(d) Your customer is subject to these laws and requires that you agree to the technical assistance measures to the extent that your law permits you to. (You are of course free to not accept such customers).

TL;DR, if you're the cow on the hill, feel free to ignore Yertle bellowing from the pond.

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