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I dealt with them for the first time this month. My mobile wi-fi dongle worked a treat in Jersey and was a great deal at just £35 with 6GB data included. No other network came close. However, the whole experience was soured by appalling customer service.

I ordered at 9pm on a Thursday. They said they offered next day delivery for orders before 10pm but the system claimed the next day was Monday. I chose Saturday delivery at additional expense, as I was departing on the Monday. By Saturday morning, it was not appearing on their tracking system. Support assured me it would surely arrive later that day. Of course it didn't. On Sunday, support assured me it would surely arrive on Monday. Still no sign of it on the tracker or at my front door so I ventured out to the nearest store to buy another one.

Publishing their store numbers would be far too helpful so I wasn't able to check their stock in advance. The store staff informed me that they didn't have any so I had to drive half an hour in the opposite direction to the next nearest store. Even that took a while as they had to faff about converting a contract unit to PAYG. I made sure the damn thing worked before driving off.

In Jersey, it all worked fine until it hit 1GB and refused to go any further. I was met with cookie overflow errors when trying to log into the website that could only be resolved by clearing my cookies and starting again. I eventually called them up and they gave no explanation for the issue but gave me a further 6GB to play with.

The original order did eventually show up... the following Saturday, the day before I returned. :-| On getting back, I called them again to ask for a return envelope. You'd think I'd asked for the moon on a stick. What seemed like a simple request too half an hour and a lot of inexplicable confusion on their side. At the time of writing, I still have not received the envelope. What I did get shortly after that call, was an unexpected email to tell me that they had disabled the adult content filter as I had requested. WTF.

Suffice to say that I will be requesting an unlock code for the dongle at the first opportunity.

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