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Vodafone, great network?!

Not in St.Albans it's not, they removed their one antena and shafted everyone in the area, I know many have switched since this mess including my dad who with 20 years with Vodafone has switched so we can once again get reception at home, also vastly overpriced compared to competitors based on recent research for my dad's upgrade!

Can't complain at EE been very good for me in every aspect, WIFI Calling is a god-send though I believe the other networks are finally getting involved in this.

Three lost my support with the contact UPGRADE calls I used to get, even when NOT DUE!!!

O2 who I used to work for are just miles behind.

Currently there is no real competition in the UK market IMO, EE in a league of their own which is a shame for consumers!!!

Virgin Media seems to have some great deals these days, also they use EE backbone which is nice, but it concerns me that I could sign up with them then they can switch to another backbone provider at anytime completely changing the offering, same with all the providers who piggy back.

SIM Only don't be tied down best way to go IMO, pay for a handset up front, if you cant switch SIM only save then buy it, get insurance through Bank (cheaper and easier)!

Though not sure about anyway else but even as a Techie I can't find reason to upgrade from an S7 Edge it does everything more than well enough, anyone else struggling to find a good reason to upgrade?!

I can see a slow down in the mobile market coming in the next few years!


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