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"FOR NOW. Longer-term, however, none of them stay very stable because the balance is too difficult to keep. Ultimately, someone comes along strong enough to just flat upset it. America''s probably on the cusp of this right now. Others provide recent evidence. It's only a matter of time."

Citations needed. Besides, unless these powers are used reasonably against known criminals, ordinary folks will just find some other way to communicate that the powers that be cannot snoop on. Don't forget, it was Snowden's confirmation of mass surveillance that led to more widespread use of encryption in the first place. If this unreasonable invasion of privacy continues, someone will just invent a new way to communicate that has a new way to evade the snooping, therefore closing the door to the current methods used by the government so they'll end up with less data rather than more. I am sure that the police would be far better served searching a database of relevant data populated with known criminals than trying to find meaning in a haystack of infinite size containing mostly law abiding citizens, which would only serve to mask the true criminals hidden within.

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