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It's hilarious how stupid iPhone users are (but then I guess we already knew this, spunking £1000 on a phone that's worse than a £600 phone).

1/ If you don't sign into your phone with no account (which every Android device has always allowed you to do), there is no personally identifiable data, as you are totally anonymous, so who cares what's sent. (and interestingly, it's already been mentioned by the Apple Defence Force, that sending this stuff is perfectly OK, as it's something that Apple also routinely does, just in a way to confused idiots by using terms like "first party data")

2/ The claims you can't use your phone if you don't sign into a Google account also also totally bogus. as you are totally free to use FDroid or whatever app store you want. Don't expect to find the Google Apps there, that cost Google billions of dollars to develop, as clearly they need some return on investment.

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