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Most of we techies can tamper and improve the products we buy but we either don't want to void warrenties, get a withering stare from our beloved partners that stops us dead in our screwdriver carrying mitts or the main thought, "This is shite, we shouldn't have to improve something that should have been designed, tested and released properly.". Much as I knew this would be a disaster, I'm still disappointed as this could have been a way to add something to retro computing. They could have done so much more, they could have made a more generic 8bit box that played more emulators, instead they've rushed a half-finished, half-baked and hald-cocked laod of typically "Made in Britian" pile of poop that event he most die-hard fans will roll their eyes at.

Sad to say this fiasco will be yet another footnote in the ongoing "Made in Britian" disaster movie we've been making since the late 1950s and explains why we're only good in this country as a tech training ground and providing finanical services and if Barnier and the French have their way, we'll lose both those feathers in our cap too. This product sadly epitomises a lot of how we Brits do things when we do them badly, great idea that slowly gets mired in arguments and squabbles over minor details, poor management and lack of comittment.

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