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America's top maker of cop body cameras says facial-recog AI isn't safe


"Cops want this tech cool give it to them but. When it fucks up the cops have strict liability. The police and their superior are finally liable . This can not be discharged. Cops can by charged with false arrest"

Largely false in the US.

Oops, we fucked up is the excuse and it's excused.

Eventually, the POTUS will get shot by police, "by mistake" and they'll end up excused.

The US has a massive gap between federal and state systems. Police are local, not quite state, not quite not. Federal officers, like Secret Service and FBI are federal.

Each have their own Constitutional boundaries.

So, it's entirely possible for a local police officer to conduct the behavior I suggested in the US.

God Save The Queen if such a system misidentified her, as US police don't think, as they have a "war on crime" mentality.

With them literally thinking that they're soldiers in a literal war.

I know, I know enough of them.

Not very mentally flexible at all.

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